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Kravtsov-Head of Russian sports delegation at the 2014 Olympic Games


Executive Committee of the Russian Olympic Committee has approved a program to facilitate the training of Russian athletes for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Alexander Kravtsov appointed head of the Russian delegation at the Sochi Games.

On Thursday, the executive committee of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) has approved a program to facilitate the training of Russian athletes for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Active participation in the development of the program was the domestic federation. This program is made at the request of the Russian sports federations, and includes many different aspects of the preparation of national teams of Russia. «First of all is the purchase of the latest exercise equipment, — the ROC president Alexander Zhukov. — Medical and biological aspects of the preparation, attracting top foreign experts. »

«In addition, the program includes the use of home-field advantage, — the words Zhukov Fcp-press.ru. — R & D is working on several research programs to take advantage of the home field. For example, competition skiers and biathletes in Sochi will be at an altitude of about 1.5 km. This midlands, which requires a specific approach. »

In this regard, we have created a special experimental team skiers, biathletes, skiers, snowboarders, who by special techniques work out issues of training is at altitude. »

The same team created bobsled and luge. Also, special teams that are working on special training skis to snow conditions and characteristics of the Sochi Olympic slopes of Sochi.

Zhukov said Russia agreed to the official invitation of the International Olympic Committee to participate in the 2014 Olympics. «Executive Committee of the ROC decided that we send a formal agreement to this invitation, the IOC, — he said. — Perhaps it is a bureaucratic procedure, but extremely important, as each country receives such an invitation and send consent to participate in the next Olympics. »

Also at the meeting of the Executive Committee decided to appoint the head of the Russian sports delegation at the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. They became the director of athletic training teams of Russia Alexander Kravtsov. Summer Olympics in London Kravtsov was deputy head of the Russian delegation.

In conclusion, the Zhukov urged fighters not to follow Sagid Murtazaliyeva who intends to surrender his medal in protest against the possible exception of the fight the Games.

«I think we now need to work in order to convince the IOC members to keep fighting, — he said. — Medals won in a fair fight in the Olympics, must remain with their owners. I do not think that now we need to give up their medals and hold similar actions in protest. On the contrary, it is necessary to carry out mass actions that show how popular and important battle for the Olympic Movement. »

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Mutko: It may happen that in Sochi Russia will be represented by only one skater

Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko told about concerns regarding Russian skaters, and said that no one can replace Plushenko in the national team.

- Listen, we are still talking about the men’s figure skating, not ice dancing! Then you jump or two quads, or do not jump them. Suppose that there are some forces that want to change the Olympic Games in Sochi Plushenko at Maxim Kovtun — just unprofessional. The threat, if anything, is different. Who in the world championship in Canada can take place not less than ten? Because otherwise in Sochi, Russia presented only one skater!

The decision of the executive committee at the Maxim Kovtun … It corresponds to the selection criteria. And FFKKR acted within its powers. Another thing is that the decision itself was held a little sloppy. It was necessary to spell out, meet with the team, but did not. Perhaps the criteria should be changed. But now, in the pre-Olympic year, it’s hard to put pressure on people when they are — such responsibility.

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Began to settle in the Olympic base in Sochi

Over a year ago, we just sat with Pavel Rostovtsev in Ruhpolding and talked about the vicissitudes of fate that made my companion chair to change a senior official of the Krasnoyarsk to work in the Russian team. Then Paul was optimistic and did not admit that his first season with the women’s team finished not on the happy note.

Coach, I found at the very moment when it loads in the machine — was going to get out of Ruhpolding briefly to the north — to test new cartridges.

- Cartridges are usually made parties — said Rostovtsev. — In May, I went to the plant to shoot the «summer» of ammunition. Now we were told that released another batch before winter. Those cartridges that we buy for the competition, designed for biathlon — shooting in sub-zero temperatures. That is, their competitive advantage is manifested only in cold weather. Respectively, and they are shot at three different temperatures. Including a special low-temperature freezer. My task — to choose the best.

- After last season you with the women’s team head coach Wolfgang Pichler not criticize just lazy. A What do you feel yourself?

- I really was optimistic when I started working with Pichler. As a former athlete realized that only through great work you can achieve great results, and saw that the work is very serious. Of course, when the season ended, I was in a somewhat depressed. The main reason was that we had not turned the world championship. If these events have developed at least a little differently, the impressions of the season could be very different.

- Do you understand the reason for what happened at the World Championship?

- The girls came to the championship in good enough shape, including psychological. So never agree with those of our critics, who claim that the final stage of the preparation team flunked. If now we start to analyze separately taken individual start, we will see that in each of them, our girls fought for medals. In just three man sprint finish among the first 16. In that race Zaitsev did not go shooting. It is made a little differently, Olga could easily contend for a medal. Olga Viluhina finished in the top ten. Sleptsova light was the best on the main start of the season in various disciplines in all his previous career. In pursuit is, however, fell in the middle of the race, so it all went wrong as it could. But Zaitsev Viluhina were in the top ten, with Viluhina — with a medal. Again, I strongly disagree with the fact that we have failed the training. Maybe we did not have enough detail: somewhere not guessed with skis, somewhere did not work with the psychological attitude, like Zaitseva before the first start — it is then itself to admit it. In the mass start was made by all of us a gross error in the first turn, where Olga has taken the position not to have lost a lot of time, and then, on the approach to the second line, hit the obstruction. It not been for him, do not lose the very Zaitseva 15-20 seconds, who had gone to a change in position …

Managed to find a way

- Not to recall saying that the most severe tests of fate sends only very strong people.

- I look at these things simply because if all this happened to us, it means that something is needed. We really made a serious mistake in the beginning of last fall, when the team was not given a rest after the hardest in terms of collecting loads of September and the summer championship, where the girls got five starts in nine days. But this year did their best not to step on the same rake. Although views on this matter in September were rather contradictory.

- What do you mean?

- In April, all personal trainers have a season plan made Pichler. No special discussion was not there — for no loads or in preparation. Furthermore, we were told that the week-long pause, the team is scheduled from September 23 — is very good.

September 23, as you know, ended years of world championship in Ufa. It is clear that the «home» tournament, we were required to perform the strongest composition. When planning an autumn spring work, we had information that the summer national championship will be held at the same time as the world championship. And then, when all the plans were approved and the RRF, and the ministry, it became clear that the Russian championship moved to a later time.

Here, in fact, there was a first misunderstanding. Some coaches believe that act in the national championship of their athletes to be sure — regions need a credit score, and the first team of athletes they must bring. But our principal position with Pichler was to ensure that the pause after the World Cup and before the October collection should be available to all candidates in the national team, without exception.

In the end, we still managed to find a way out: to find the rules of the International Biathlon Union item that allows the country conducting the summer World Cup, to speak at these events in an enlarged, thereby giving all athletes a chance to rest before the October harvest.

Do not want to leave from Ruhpolding

- A year ago, when Pichler spent in Cyprus its first ever collection with a women’s team, I was honestly surprised strain that our athletes face without any preparation. Were not you afraid that they can from the start «kill» command?

- Between you and me, no special stress was not there. Longest cycle of training, the girls traveled 90 miles, lasted four and a half hours. This is definitely a lot of work, but not excessive. Another question is that in our, Russian, consciousness may — rather relaxed time drawn into the training process. Although the experience of the world biathlon shows that everything is pretty hard work since April.

I fully admit that a number of athletes past preseason could kick the habit is strong enough. But all the same once you had the job to start. Incidentally, in this respect, too, certain adjustments were made: before this summer to go to Cyprus, we had a preparatory «retracts» week in Ruhpolding.

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